The ForceSense system offers the best of two worlds:

The haptics of real instruments and the performance tracking of a VR system.

Certify laparoscopic skills

Based on objective data:
• Tissue interaction
• Instrument movement
• Task time

Use real instruments to increase transfer of trained skills to medical practice.

Faster isn’t always better

With ForceSense interaction forces are measured and evaluated. Rushing a training task may lead to a fast time score but increases the risk of tissue damage. As in the OR careful tissue handling increases the safety of the procedure. ForceSense is the only training system to reward careful tissue handling in its scoring metrics.

Fully automated storage of training data

• Training results
• Learning curves
• Captured videos
• Live scoreboard functionality

Scientifically validated

The grading system of the ForceSense software is validated and has been published in multiple scientific studies. The latest ForceSense research publication ‘Force-based learning curve tracking in laparoscopic skills training’ won the best technology presentation award at the EAES 2017 Frankfurt, and the Best research award at the NVEC 2018.

Cost effective

Using ForceSense is simply the most cost-effective way to train laparoscopic skills with automated assessment.

Do you already own boxtrainers? Add the ForceSense system and begin the automated certification of your trainees.

Detailed performance record

Once a trainee has completed all the tasks at a sufficient level a certificate can be generated. This specifically lists the final grades and number of repetitions. Having such an objective assessment is unique for hands-on skills training.


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