The ForceSense has been designed and developed by MediShield B.V.

The product is available world-wide through direct sales from MediShield B.V. and its distribution partners.

Founded in 2010 MediShield is dedicated to bringing innovative products to the medical field. The ForceSense system has been developed to become the world’s first laparoscopic training system to evaluate tissue handling skills. The medical device developments of the Super Seton and Sensitive grasper have sprouted from the MediShield ‘incubator’ in the daughter companies Super Seton B.V. and Tulipa Medical Technologies B.V. respectively.

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Willem Nerkens – MediShield CEO and co-founder

Tim Horeman – MediShield CTO and co-founder

Dennis van Gerwen – Lead Engineer

Freek van Delft – Engineer