Here all training results are stored and made accessible to the Course director. Each trainee has their own profile in the secure database. A registration of training time, number of repetitions, skill level and learning curve are analyzed. Also, all the training videos are stored together with the recorded metrics.

Once a trainee has completed all the tasks at a sufficient level a certificate can be generated. This specifically lists the final grades and number of repetitions. Having such an objective assessment is unique for hands on skills training.

Display the online live ranking page on a monitor or projector during your training course. As students gain skills, they will see themselves moving up on the scoreboard. A great way to get an enthusiastic and competitive atmosphere in your training program.

Click here to view the impression video of the on-stage competition that was held at the AGE congress 2018 in Hamburg

The database functionality is continuously expanded. The license structure ensures all systems remain up to date and the generated data is monitored and supported. MediShield also provides online support, per example in installing updates, creating a course or adding participants.

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