The goal of the different tasks is to train hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, interaction of the dominant and non-dominant hand, depth perception and safe tissue handling. The ForceSense task set is scientifically validated.

Post and sleeve


Wire Chaser

Loops and wire & Zig-zag loop

The ‘Loops and wire’ and ‘Zig-zag loop’ tasks are combined on one task insert.

Agile flap task

Needle track

Suture pad holder

ScopeSense game module

The ScopeSense game module can be mounted on the ForceSense system, but it is also available as a stand-alone product.

As this module is used to certify endoscopic camera handling it can be used without the position and force sensors of the ForceSense system. The stand-alone ScopeSense consists of the game itself, a tablet with ForceSense software and a video grabbing module.

Click here for more information about ScopeSense.

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